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119th Infantry Regiment

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My Uncle's Bayne Teague  30th Infantry Division (The Old Hickory Division) WWII 119th Regiment Company C

Bayne Teague 1 of 4 of  brothers of my  Mothers Brothers M. Fern (Teague) Lyons

Basic Training Camp Blanding Jacksonville, Fl. The Civil War and History of the Teague's  Family


117 Infantry Regiment

119th Infantry Regiment

120 Infantry Regiment




The 30th Infantry Division was 'nick-named' after Andrew Jackson, who was a tough old Indian fighter and backwoodsman of the Revolutionary War era, and was consequently popularly called "Old Hickory". Later, his decisive victory as Major General of the U.S. Forces in the Battle of New Orleans against the British, then, storming Pensacola (Florida), and driving the British permanently out of this area, gave him great national recognition and popularity.     
       Immediately after the purchase of Florida from Spain, Andrew "Old Hickory" Jackson was appointed the first Federal Territorial Governor of Florida, then went on to become a U.S. Senator in 1823, and then became the 7th President of the United States, including Florida in 1828, and was re-elected again in 1832.
       The 30th Division was created on July 18, 1917, and was formally activated into Federal service in August 1917 at Camp Sevier, South Carolina, and was composed of National Guard units from North and South Carolina and Tennessee.
       The Division was named after the famed and illustrious soldier and President, Andrew "Old Hickory" Jackson, who was born near the North/South Carolina border, and rising to fame in Tennessee, where he provided some regional flavor to the tightly knit group of soldiers that he led there during the Indian Wars.

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History of Old Hickory

30th Infantry Division, U.S. Army Divisions of World War II

Because History Matters

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Pfc. Ray Sturm 119th Infantry Regiment

27th Infantry Regiment (United States) History

The regiment was established by act of Congress on February 2, 1901, initially as a unit for the Philippine-American War.

Participated in Operation Wolfhound on January 15, 1951.


Distinctive Unit Insignia

("No Fear on Earth")




"Kolchak" A pure bred Russian Wolfhound

27th Infantry Regiment

27th Infantry Regiment coat of arms
Active               1901-present
Country               United States
Branch                U.S. Army
Nickname             "Wolfhounds"

25th Infantry Division



Activation of the 25th Infantry

Division on 1 October 1941

WWII Battle for GUADALCANAL and Unit,s 25th. Inf. Div. Co. B 1/27 Inf. Reg. Nam
Guadalcanal Chronology & Order of Battle 25th Inf.Div..2/27th. "Wolfhounds" Viper's
Battle of Guadalcanal  
Operation Watchtower: Guadalcanal (August 1942-February 1943)  
History 27th Infantry Regiment 25th Infantry Division  

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